Acer Hints At New Netbook Deals, Ion Netbooks

In a recent interview with Laptop, Acer – creator of the Acer Aspire One – hinted at some interesting prospects for the future. As the firm with the biggest share of the PC market in 2008, it can certainly afford to push the envelope in terms of what’s possible.

The first thing Acer mentioned was more mobile broadband/netbook deals. Previous netbook deals, such as those by Radioshack or AT&T, offered a $99 machine and mobile broadband in exchange for a mobile broadband contract of two years. Acer wants to continue this plan, but is also investigating charging for hourly rates of mobile broadband, stating that most consumers don’t use 3G enough to justify paying $50 a month.

Another hint dropped by Acer involved the NVIDIA Ion platform, which promises to boost netbook graphics in a groundbreaking way. Acer hinted at a 2H09 release, saying it will be “looking at this technology [Ion] much closer in second half 2009 products.” Sounds good to me.

Via Arstechnica.

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