Acrimony Between Adobe and Apple

The recent fight between Adobe and has just escalated. Apple recently changed the licensing terms in its iPhone SDK to disallow developers from submitting applications that use cross-platform compilers. Adobe had planned to introduce such a cross-platform compiler this coming Monday.

As a result, Adobe employees are not happy. Lee Brimelow, an Adobe employee, wrote on his personal blog, “Go screw yourself Apple.” The move is the latest frustration for Adobe—its Flash has been banned from iPhones and iPads, Steve Jobs having told developers to use HTML5 instead.

The new licensing terms will affect other makers of cross-platform compilers, not just Adobe. Adobe was aware of Brimelow’s provocative blog post—there are sentences from it edited out on behalf of Adobe. Adobe has confirmed that Brimelow works at the company.

Via PC World, image via Adobe.

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