AMD Expands Processor Share, Bright Future in General for Chips

AMD has begun to make comeback in the CPU market, according to a study today by market research firm IDC.  AMD recorded major gains beginning in the first quarter of ’09 and has aggressively made inroads into the notebook market.

It expanded from a 10.2% share to 12.7% from Q4 ’08 to Q4 ’09, gnawing down Intel from 89.1% to 87.3%.  This is likely the result of the Turion II X2 and Athlon line, but Intel still seems to sit on top of the mobile market.  Only time will tell as both companies scramble for dominance over CPU and integrated GPU chips in laptops and netbooks.

Overall, 2009 has been a largely successful year for chipmakers, who shipped 31.3% more processors in Q4 ’09 compared to Q4 ’08.  Processing lightweight VIA was the exception, shrinking from 0.4% to 0.1% over the past year.  A major area of growth was mobile PCs (including of course netbooks), rising  by 11.7% over the same period.  The IDC remains optimistic for the coming year, forecasting a 15.1% growth in CPUs sold.

Via PC World.

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