AMD Says New Athlon Neo Will Stifle Netbooks

Chip maker ARM is set to release a new processor: the new Athlon Neo, a dual-core reimagining of the older single-core Athlon Neo processor. John Taylor, a spokesman of AMD, announced the release at a CES press conference last week.

The semiconductor firm says it expects to launch the new Athlon Neo and Sepron editions with the codename Congo, both of which will be significantly faster than the single-core version.  As an added bonus, they won’t cost more or generate more heat, according to AMD.

Congo includes a new “mainboard chipset” and will be able to run newer DirectX and OpenGl graphical effects. We don’t know if this means it will include the Mobility Radeon HD 4330 or a different graphics set altogether.

Interestingly enough, Randy thinks Congo might stifle the growth of the netbook center because of the relative performance it offers for the cost. In his mind, a $600 or $700 ultraportable is better than a netbook of $500 or less. We’ll see how right he is in the coming months, as the new Athlon Neo is set for release mid-year.

Via Electronista.

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