Analysts: Apple Needs A Netbook

Gartner and IDC are pointing out that Apple is lagging behind competitors HP, Dell, and Toshiba, partly due to its lack of a netbook competitor on the market. This week’s report by IDC claims Apple will be in 5th place this quarter, with 1.21 million units sold.

Apple got fourth place with 1.4 million units in Gartner’s estimation. Analysts are suggesting that Apple isn’t ranked better because it doesn’t have an inexpensive offering for netbook consumers.

In April, Apple CFO Tim Cook told analysts that netbooks are “not a segment [Apple] would choose to play in.” An IDC analyst says this might be a mistake – the netbook market has exploded due to a market of budget buyers seeking relief from the economic downturn. Bob O’Donnell told the Associated Press how this relates to Apple:

“People are focused on $600, $700 notebooks… Guess what Apple doesn’t have: any notebook below $999.”

Via eWeek.