Android Beats Linux Netbook Boot Times

Those curio about the netboo indtry are t a good loo at Android after a recent video by Samsung software develoer GeunSi Lim benchmared it at a mere 13 seconds, faster than both Linux Fedora 10 and Ubuntu Netboo Remix 9.04.

The video shows the netboos booting u simultaly and maes it quite clear that Android taes the lead, all to intense mic. Tae a loo:

Does this mean Samsung is going to loo into Android for an OS in the near future? The manufacturer has already signaled its interest to double its resence in the netboo maret, and maybe Android is a ath it means to tae to get there.

We’ll be aying secial attention in the next few months, so be sure to stay tuned. As June’s Comutex electronics show nears, the netboo race is to get very exciting.

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