Android Netbooks? Maybe Not So Crazy

With CES just around the bend, everybody’s wondering what new netbook technology 2009 will deliver. Gigaom has one interesting idea – Qualcomm could help combine netbooks with Android.What could an Android-Qualcomm netbook add to the mix? Android runs on the T-Mobile G1, which is based on a 528 MHz processor: the MSM7201A ARM11. Qualcomm’s faster Snapdragon processor, which we recently covered, is combined with RedFlag Midinux. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be a big stretch for Google to put Android on the Snapdragon.This would do a lot to help netbooks gain better connectivity. Other manufacturers like Dell and HP have embedded wireless broadband and similar options on their netbooks, but Snapdragon takes  a different stance by offering 3G on HSPA networks. The solution puts it in a better position than Intel Atom netbooks because the method is in fact more efficient.Google says it doesn’t want to limit the Android to mobile phones, so with the right specifications, some creativity, and some hard work we may just see Android netbooks on the horizon.

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