Another New USB Drive to Boost Netbook Storage

Super Talent is well … super talented. They’ve managed to create “the world’s smallest 32GB USB drive, squeezing 32GB of NAND flash into a water-resistant casing.” There are six models of this USB drive, each with 32 GB of capacity and boasting transfer rates of up to 30 MB per second.

There are two tiers for these six models of USB drives. The models within the first tier are: Pico C Gold, Pico C Nickle, and Pico E Gold. The first two listed have either nickel or 24 karat gold-plated steel casings, while the last model has a 24 karat gold-plated sliding lid.

The USB drive models within the second tier are available in the same finishes, but also include AES-256 hardware encryption for added protection.

Super Talent’s USB drives will begin shipping this week. The standard Pico drives in the first tier will be priced at $85 each while the USB drives with hardware encryption will be a little pricier at $99 each. At their smallest, these USB drives have dimensions of 31×12.3mm and weigh roughly 5 grams.

Via SlashGear.

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