Apple Acquires Intrinsity

One of Apple’s latest acquisitions is the semiconductor company Intrinsity. Apple, being its usual stealthy self, did not announce this acquisition. Astute observers discovered it by realizing that Intrinsity’s employees started working for Apple in April of this year.

Filings from Apple showed that the company spent around $325 million in business acquisitions: Quattro Wireless, Lala, and Intrinsity. Analysts have estimated that Apple paid less than $50 million for Intrinisty.

Intrinisty was founded in 1997 and initially worked on developing circuit design technologies. Their business started off rather slowly but increased when it began to work with other companies such as ARM (another company who name has been tied, though falsely, to Apple).

The company appeared to be having financial in January 2010 and some analysts speculate that Apple was able to buy it for a relatively low price, which would explain why Intrinsity would not want the price made public.

Via AnandTech, image via Intrinsity.

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