Apple Applies for iGroups Patent

Apple may be venturing into social networking in the near future. Considering the popularity that social networking has experienced in recent years, this is unsurprising—in fact, it is surprising that Apple did not do this sooner.

Apple has applied for a patent on social networking technology called iGroups, which would allow for the creation of an ad-hoc, mobile social networking group. iGroups is basically a social networking application by Apple. Apple’s application development has remained rather narrow: it has developed the various operating systems, iWork, iLife, and Safari.

iGroups also represents a new level of ad-hoc networking. Wi-Fi cards allow users to create an ad-hoc network, which allows a group of users to use another to access the Internet. This is not as common anymore because of Wi-Fi access points. iGroups, however, lets a group of users connected by Wi-Fi, 3G, or Bluetooth to network with each other and exchange data like contacts, messages, and email.

Via PC Magazine, image via PC Magazine.

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