Apple Files for Ownership of New Trademark

The Magic Trackpad?

This week, filed for ownership of a new with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The new trademark is “Magic Trackpad.” Analysts have suggested that it will be a name for a new product or the rebranding of existing trackpads.

The application from seeks control of the in relation to computers and devices in hardware and software. The naming of this new trademark corresponds with the multi-touch Magic Mouse, introduced last fall. The entire surface of the Magic Mouse can track independent finger movements.

There was a rumor last October that was going to introduce a multi-touch trackpad for desktop Macs, but nothing has come of this. A product like this was never released and nothing has been said since. The first multi-touch trackpad was introduced on the MacBook Air and has since added to MacBook and MacBook laptops.

Via AppleInsider, image via Apple.

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