Apple iPad Accessories Delayed

You may have lots of apps for it, but not many accessories

If you have pre-ordered an iPad, the odds are that you also decided to get some accessories as well. After all, there are some accessories that are pretty essential, or at least very useful, for the iPad: a case, the Keyboard Dock, and the Camera Kit (which is the only way to get photos from your iPad onto your camera).

Unfortunately, all of the accessories mentioned above are delayed. The case was supposed to ship on April 3, but now has a ship date in mid-April. The Keyboard Dock was supposed to ship in mid-April, but now won’t be available to customers until May. The Camera Kit has not even appeared in the Apple store.

Third-party vendors have started selling iPad accessories, as has been done for the iPhone and iPad. There are quite a number of iPad cases out there that range from cool to strange to just plain funny. The other accessories probably have to be bought from Apple, but iPad customers certainly will not suffer from lack of selection of cases for their new iPads.

Via Computerworld, image via Apple.

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