Apple is a Phone Company

Judging by the latest figures on ’s sales, Apple is turning into a phone company. There’s no disputing the fact that the iPhone is popular and it is responsible for an impressive amount of Apple’s sales.

Under old accounting rules, did not show most of the revenue related to the iPhone for two years, thus masking the iPhone’s true impact. But under new accounting rules everything has been revealed, and the iPhone’s influence is clear. The iPhone counted for 36% of Apple’s revenues in the fiscal 2010 first quarter. Computers and iPods were responsible for considerably less. The iPhone has been responsible for doubling Apple’s sales over the past three years. Though computer sales have increased, iPod sales have stayed the same.

There are definite advantages for the iPhone’s influence on Apple. There are many apps available for the iPhone in the App Store and the phone integrates well with iTunes. However, if sales slowed down due to competition, this could be troublesome for Apple.

Via The Wall Street Journal, image via Apple.

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