Apple is Accepting iPad Apps

The iPad boasts a beautiful 9.7-inch screen.

The iPad is going to be released on April 3 and almost everyone is anxiously anticipating its release, as can be seen by how frequently the iPad is appearing in tech news.

Developers must be eagerly anticipating the iPad’s release as well. There has been a surge of interest in developing apps for ’s App Store. Apple begun accepting app submissions for the iPad and has announced that March 27 is the deadline for submitting apps that will be available on the day of the iPad’s launch. The submitted apps will be reviewed by Apple and the developers will be contacted by email concerning their submissions.

This email feedback is important because few developers have access to actual iPads. Most have to run their creations on the SDK simulator and hope that there will not be any major problems when the apps run on actual iPads. Apps will most likely be as important to the iPad as they are to the iPhone, so how handles the approval of apps for launch day is important.

Via Overclockers Club, image via Apple.

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