Apple May Offer Explicit Section in App Store

A few days after its controversial decision to ban certain apps from the App Store, may be reconsidering its position and eventually offer an “Explicit” category for apps.

Earlier this week, pulled a lot of apps from the App Store, saying that they were overtly sexual. One analyst said this was to preserve its public image. But on Wednesday, developers uploading new apps noticed a new category for apps called “Explicit.” The category later disappeared. The iPhone 3G does have parental controls that would allow such a category to be blocked.

A developer reportedly called and was told that it is considering the option, but not anytime soon.

Though of course does have a public image to maintain, offering an “Explicit” category probably would not be such a bad thing, provided that users were asked to opt-in to it and parents could fully bar their children from seeing this category.

Via The Escapist, image via Apple.

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