Apple May Release Touchscreen iMac

The latest rumor may go unnoticed for a little while due to the anticipation surrounding a potential Apple tablet. Why? This rumor involves another new Apple product with a touchscreen: this time, an iMac.

The touchscreen iMac will supposedly have a 22-inch screen, be released later this year, and be manufactured by Quanta, a Taiwan-based company. This rumor does not seem too unlikely, due to the fact that has been incorporating new touch-based features into many of their recent products, with great success. The iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and the Magic Mouse all have various touch features that consumers seem to love.

It is really anyone’s guess what a touchscreen iMac would look like. It could look similar to the current iMacs, but it certainly would not be out of the question for to design something new and radical.

is not the only company introducing products with touchscreens. Many other companies, such as HP and Lenovo, are  using touchscreens more and more in their products.

Via PC World, image via PC World.

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