Apple May Sell 9 Million iPads in 2010

Yes, you read that right: 9 million. The iPad has not been available that long, but it has already seen some fantastic sales—all that hype made people crazy for it.

Chitika Labs, an advertising network, has said that Apple has sold over 1 million iPads. Though this is just an estimate, the methodology seems logical. Here’s how Chitika says it has calculated that figure:

– We count how many new, unique iPads we see coming through the Chitika advertising network
– We multiply that by how much of the Internet we see at any given time to figure out how many iPads in total are out there
– We look at where iPad traffic is coming from by state

This seems like a reasonable estimate—after all, Apple sold 500,000 iPads during the first week, so this would mean sales of roughly 250,000 iPads per week in the second and third weeks.

Assuming a rate of 1 million iPads a month, Apple could sell as many as 9 million (or even 10 million due to holiday sales) in 2010.

Via ZDNet, image via ZDNet.

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