Apple May Update MacBook Pro

The supplies of MacBook laptops are more limited than usual and, according to an analyst, this could mean that Apple is going to update the MacBook Pro line of computers. An updated MacBook Pro would probably include a new processor from Intel that would boost battery life and overall performance. The new MacBook Pro could ship by June, if not sooner.

The analyst says that Macs in general do not need to be refreshed because they are doing so well, but a refresh of the MacBook would keep Apple products new and exciting.

Apple last updated the MacBook in June 2009. Currently, the cheapest MacBook Pro has a lot in common with the MacBook, which was updated in October 2009. To preserve the MacBook Pro’s higher pricing, Apple needs to differentiate between the two models by giving more advanced features to the MacBook Pro.

Via The Washington Post, image via Apple.

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