Apple Needs to get Serious about Video

’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said last Tuesday that Apple considers the Apple TV to simply be a hobby. Judging by how competing companies are treating streaming video, this is completely the wrong attitude to have. offers streaming video (that, last time I tried, did not work out so well on Macs). Wal-Mart has announced its intention to distribute video over the Internet. And what does do? Basically nothing, at least relating to streaming video.

Of course sells a lot of laptops, which people do use to watch streaming video. But research has shown that people prefer to watch movies on a real TV screen.

Though is now conspicuously absent from the streaming video market, this could easily change. Apple acquired Lala, a streaming music service, at the end of 2009. Apple is also building a massive data center in North Carolina. We also cannot forget about the iPad—it may prove to be a revolutionary device for streaming video.

Via CNET, image via Apple.

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