Apple Netbook May Be A Big iPhone

A report just surfaced about Apple’s plans for the new year. The report, released by Micha7- orel Arrington of TechCrunch, says Apple has developed an iPhone-like touch-sensitive device with a big, 7- or 9-inch display.This, of course, brings a lot of things to mind – better video watching, easier web access, gaming… the imagination runs wild. Details are still scant, though, and Apple is expected to launch the big Touch this upcoming fall.TechCrunch thinks prototypes are already around and that Apple is just working out the details with its manufacturers in Asia.Is this the big Apple Netbook we recently heard about? Or a seperate project entirely? Apple makes big moves, so a simultaneous release of two new, category-changing devices isn’t out of the question. We’ll be listening for more in the near future.Via PCWorld.

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