Apple Netbook Rumor: Release Date Changed to Early 2010

Ah, poor Apple fans. First, the controversy about if Apple is even planning on releasing a netbook at all and now the release date pushback.

Well, the latest rumor is that the release for the Apple tablet will be in early 2010. Steve Jobs is finally satisfied with the prototype and there’s an internal go-ahead for production.

Rumored tech specs for this Apple tablet include a 10″ screen, 3G data, and a custom ARM processor. Apple claims that they had considered the Intel Atom processor before finally settling on ARM instead. AppleInsider claims that the new Apple tablet would have functionality between that of an iPhone and a notebook.

Be sure to keep posted to our site for the latest updates on the MacBook Touch. You never know when Apple will change their release date yet again or if they’ll come up with some other unique functionality or design for their touchscreen netbook.

Via Engadget.