Apple Pauses iPhone Sales to NYC

Everyone knows that Apple’s iPhone is wildly popular, both in this country and abroad. But is there such a thing as too popular? There may be, in light of recent news of discontinuation of selling iPhones to New York City.

Over the weekend, Apple apparently discontinued iPhone sales to New York. Users who attempted to order them online were told that the iPhone was not available in their area. Today, Apple resumed selling the iPhone to customers in New York City.

Why would Apple do this? It was speculated originally that Apple stopped sales because of reception problems in the city. Another speculation is that Apple was annoyed with “fraudulent activity” relating to the iPhone: that is, jailbroken iPhones being used with cellular carriers other than AT&T.

Stopping sales for a day and then resuming them does not seem make much sense, so at this point, no one is really sure what Apple was thinking.

Via Examiner.

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