Apple Prepares 3G iPad for Shipment

iPad customers in the US are getting excited: the 3G-enabled iPad is set to arrive this Friday, April 30 to homes and retail stores alike. Most pre-orders for the 3G iPads are listed as “prepared for shipment” on Apple’s Order Status page. Reports are saying that the 3G iPads are in the United States awaiting shipment—the WiFi-only versions shipped directly from manufacturers in China.

For those who did not pre-order an iPad, do not despair: you can line up outside the store to get one (though I will warn you that the line gets quite long quite quickly, so get there early). International customers will have to wait a bit longer: due to the extreme demand for the iPad in the United States, Apple has delayed international shipments. International customers cannot pre-order until May 10 and international pricing is still unknown.

Via PC World.

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