Apple Retail Employees Have Not Seen the iPad

Ordinary Apple customers really want to see the iPad, which is being released this Saturday. But surprisingly, or perhaps not that surprisingly, considering how intense Apple is about secrecy, Apple store employees also have yet to set eyes on the iPad.

One employee, speaking anonymously, said that Apple store workers never get to see new products before they are released, not even managers. A former employee said that Apple store workers did not get to see or hold an iPhone until an hour before its release.

Judging by procedures from past releases of important Apple products, the iPad will probably be heavily guarded. A former assistant manager said that he was ordered to remain at the Apple store all night to guard the iPhone before its release.

Despite all the secrecy, employees have said that Apple stores are fun places to work—which is what I would imagine, especially if you like Apple products a lot.

Via Reuters.

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