Apple Should Confront AT&T on 3G Problems

The iPhone is a great device. Most people who own it seem to love it. Still, it does have its problems, most of which involve AT&T’s cell phone service. Stories of dropped calls and poor reception are common.

That is why Apple’s chief operating officer’s statements about AT&T are frustrating to iPhone users. After Apple announced its earnings on Monday, a Wall Street analyst asked about Apple’s deal with AT&T. (There have been rumors that Apple will be dropping AT&T as the exclusive carrier of the iPhone.) Apple’s COO Tim Cook gave a rather disappointing response, saying that most iPhone customers are “having a great experience” with AT&T’s network. He also said that AT&T has promised to improve the 3G network.

Cook seems a bit out of touch with reality if he actually believes this. Innumerable iPhone users have complained about reception in major cities. AT&T’s network has had handling the influx of data generated by iPhone use and AT&T does not seem to be making any moves to fix this. If Apple does not do something, it could lose customers to companies with more reliable networks, like Verizon.

Via PC World, image via AT&T.

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