Apple Suppliers Guilty of Violations

According to ’s 2010 Progress Report, some of the company’s suppliers are guilty of workplace violations, including the use of underage workers, improper disposal of hazardous waste, falsified records, and excessive recruitment fees. Apple did not identify any of the suppliers by name or specify in which countries the violations occurred.

Three facilities hired fifteen-year-olds in countries where the minimum employment age is sixteen. also found records of eleven workers who were hired before they reached the minimum age. Apple said it now requires the facilities to conduct more thorough ID checks.

has required the facilities who improperly disposed waste to have an outside consultant the systems for disposing of hazardous waste.

The falsified records involved attempts to hide the hiring of underage workers and violations concerning working hours and days of rest.

Despite some suppliers being guilty of violations, said that overall its suppliers have shown performance improvements and better working conditions.

Via CNET, image via Telegraph.

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