Apple to Release Tablet Substitute for Netbook

CEO has referred to netbooks as “junky.” While Apple might not be releasing a netbook anytime in the near future, they plan to release a tablet-style computer instead. It is rumored that these tablets will have a screen size of somewhere between 7 and 10 inches and be priced somewhere between $500 and $1,000. The launch date of this tablet is rumored to be in early 2010.

The operating system of the tablet is rumored to be based on the operating system of the current iPhone, which is related to the standard operating system for the Mac. It is still unsure what chip this tablet will use. Some options include the Samsung ARM11 and the Intel Atom.

If the idea of an tablet sounds appealing to you, make sure to check back often for more updates!

Via TheWashingtonPost.

Image via PCWorld.

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