Apple Updates iMac Firmware, Dodges Lawsuit

Apple’s 27-inch iMac was plagued by screen problems, which may or may not have caused delays in its shipping.

Luckily, Apple has finally released a firmware update to solve this issue. The results have been mixed, with some users reporting having their problems solved and others still continuing to experience the screen problems. Why did Apple suddenly release this firmware update? Some speculate that it’s because of a class action lawsuit the company recently dodged.

The lawsuit said that Apple had sold their product without disclosing manufacturing defects to customers. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying that it was too broad, though the judge also stated that the suit could be amended to be more specific.

Of course, there could be no connection between the lawsuit and the firmware update. But it does seem pretty suspicious that one occurred right after the other. One thing is certain: Apple customers are not satisfied with the 27-inch iMac’s problems and expect Apple to come through with a fix, as they should.

Via The Washington Post, image via Gadget News.

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