Apple Wants Device Returned

Remember that mysterious device, found on the floor of a bar, that was allegedly the next iPhone? I initially dismissed the idea that it was the next iPhone, but now the plot thickens because according to tech blog Gizmodo, Apple wants the device returned.

Gizmodo said that it bought the device for $5,000 from a source who found it. Gizmodo then proceeded to thoroughly about the device in a post that received 5 million hits. On Tuesday Gizmodo posted a letter to Brian Lam, Gizmodo’s editorial director, from Bruce Sewell, general counsel for Apple. The letter was a formal request for Gizmodo to return the device to Apple.

According to Gizmodo, the device was left at the bar by Gray Powell, an Apple employee who was celebrating his birthday there. Gizmodo has posted a reply to Apple’s letter, agreeing to return the device. Apple’s insistence at having the device returned raises the question: is it the real thing?

Via Philadelphia Inquirer, image via Engadget.

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