Apple’s New Device Could be an E-Reader

The rumors about Apple’s new device, expected this coming January, continue to abound. The latest rumor  says that Apple’s device will not be a simple tablet–rather, it will be an e-reader designed to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Kindle.

The rumor (derived from ‘insider sources’) says the iSlate, as it may be called, is going to be an eBook reader that will be a competitor to the Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and other e-readers. It will run iPhone 4.0 software (which is not currently available) and will have an App store for eBooks.

E-readers have been doing very well on the market. Amazon sold more e-books than regular paper books this Christmas season, and Apple is sure to have taken notice.

I love Apple products, but in  all honesty, I am not crazy about the whole e-reader idea. When I read books, I like to have the book physically in my hands, and I think most consumers agree. As of now, I remain unconvinced about the virtues of e-readers, but if Apple delivers one this January it will definitely be something to pay attention to.

Via VentureBeat.

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