Apple’s Profit Rises 90 Percent

Apple’s second-quarter profit has risen 90 percent, mostly driven by the company’s incredible iPhone sales—nearly 9 million were sold, easily surpassing estimates. iPhone sales are up 130 percent from last year at this time.

Chief operating officer Tim Cook said in a phone call with analysts that the increase was mostly due to strong international sales, especially in Asian markets. iPhone sales in the Asia Pacific increased 474 percent year over year. Desktop sales were up 40 percent, but iPod sales were down 1 percent, though the total iPod profit was up 12 percent.

The quarter does not include sales figures for the iPad, which went on sale on April 3. During the phone call, Cook was asked whether the iPad could adversely affect sales of existing Apple product lines. Cook said that it was too early to tell and that Apple has been very thrilled with iPad sales so far.

Via MarketWatch, image via Apple.


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