Archos Classmate Netbook Now Available to Everyone

The Archos Classmate netbook was originally developed as an initiative for elementary school students in France, but will now be available to the public.

This netbook was originally designed for young children. It includes a carrying handle ergonomically integrated into the netbook itself. The child-friendly Classmate also has a shock-proof case and a water resistant keyboard.

In addition to the netbook, Archos is also offering a one-year subscription to Maxicours (worth roughly $350), a website that provides tools for online home learning.

Students can register at and receive access to a wide range of educational software applications to help them develop their skills in various academic subjects. Some items that the website features include interactive exercises, videos, and multi-language dictionaries.

Just because the Classmate was originally designed for children, doesn’t mean that Archos skimped on the hardware for adequate netbook performance. This netbook has a 9″ screen and is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, must like any average netbook. It also has 1 GB of RAM, a webcam, Wi-Fi, and Windows XP (Family Edition) for the OS.

Via TheDigitalNewsRoom.

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