Are Businesses Ready for Netbooks? Some More Things to Consider

As more manufacturers come out with more business-ready netbooks, will companies tend to trend towards netbooks over notebooks? According to a recent TechRepublic poll, 21% of respondents said that their IT departments officially supported netbooks.

Let’s take a second to consider some drawbacks for using netbooks in businesses:

1. Netbooks have lower screen resolution. That means that users may have to do a lot of scrolling when browsing webpages, considering that many netbooks have a resolution of  1024×600 and many websites have a resolution of at least 1024×768. Sometimes application windows may have trouble fitting on the entire screen.

2. Netbooks have cramped keyboards. Business users tend to type a lot and if they’re going to be typing for extended periods of time, cramped keyboards would be a no-no. On top of that, because netbooks are so cramped for space, their keyboards may tend to be more unconventional, i.e., keys may be located in different places than on a standard keyboard.

3. Netbooks give users less of an opportunity for multitasking. The Intel Atom processors in netbooks allow users to do pretty much all the basic tasks that a notebook would allow, but if you want to work with many applications at the same time, you may run into a problem. The small screen on the netbook doesn’t help here either.

Considering these points, are businesses ready for netbooks? What do you think?

Via ZDNet.

Image via WhatsShopping.