ASUS Busts Out Netbook and Nettop Accessories

ASUS seems to want to get as much out of its Eee brand as it can, and who can blame them? The Eee PC is a wildly successful netbook. In this vein, ASUS has released some cool devices for its Eee Box nettop and the Eee PC.The first is this wireless control unit:This will be excellent for managing ASUS’s changed Eee Box setup which now includes an HD3400 graphics system and HDMI out. They seem to want the Eee Box to be an HTPC solution. HTPCs tend to be on the expensive side, so if the Eee Box gains 1080p capability should change a little bit.These wireless keyboard and mouse sets are another big thing for ASUS. Keeping them compact and simple is totally in ASUS style and make them a great accessory for an HTPC. The urgonomic keyboard seems to have Mac-style keys.ASUS wants to be in your now, not just your briefcase. This kind of market saturation will do big things for the company, and if it wants to pulll ahead of Acer these are the kinds of moves it has to make.Via DesktopReview.

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