ASUS Delivers New Eee PC T91 Tablet Netbook

The latest in fantastic new netbooks has arrived in the form of the 8.9-inch touchscreen Eee PC T91, a tablet PC with classy features to spare.

Its swiveling touchscreen is a nice touch. Some have suggested that tablet netbooks are to be the latest fad in the industry, with recent releases like the T91 or Gigabyte TouchNote cited as proof.

The new Eee PC will run Windows XP and run an Intel Atom. This standard setup is altered slightly by using the 1.33 GHz Atom, presumably to save energy.

ASUS has developed its own software for touch sensitivity and is using that for the Eee PC T91 netbook. Other features include a TV tuner, GPS, and an FM radio. The Dell Mini 10 will also a TV tuner among other features, so perhaps that is another coming trend.

The machine should cost about $500. It’s costlier than other Eee PC netbooks, but makes up for it with a set of features that will appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Via PCWorld.

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