ASUS Eee PC T91 Netbook Spotted On ASUS Website

ASUS‘ highly anticipated Eee PC T91 has been put up on its website, though pricing and availability are as of yet unknown. Rumor has it that retailers will get that info this week.

The new ASUS Eee PC has an 8.9-inch swiveling touchscreen, which looked pretty snazzy in the demo. It has an Intel Atom CPU and 1 GB of RAM, but the fun doesn’t stop there – GPS and a TV tuner both come standard. Storage, unfortunately, is a mere 16 GB, though you can double that with an add-on card for an additional fee. Connectivity is available through 3G and 802.11n Wi-Fi access.

Some think multi-touch and Windows 7 will arrive on an upcoming version, so it may be a good idea to hold out on buying one. Of course, that’s all speculation.

ASUS is saying the T91 gets 5 hours of battery. The T91 is already available in the for £449 (about $740), but the netbook may cost less with a US release.

Via CrunchGear.

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