ASUS Falls to Second in Netbook Rankings, Sixth in PC Sales

Competition is feverish in the netbook arena, with budget buyers and college kids opting for the cheaper PCs more than ever before. ASUS, whose woes we wrote about just days ago, seems to have taken the hit harder than initially imagined.

Once occupying the top spot for netbook sales, ASUS now holds second place. Acer has taken the lead, MSI is in third, HP in 4th and Lenovo in 5th place. Strong growth from MSI made Dell drop down to sixth. Here’s market researcher Eileen He from Gartner’s explanation:

“Acer is ranked number one because of their marketing campaign and their channel strategies… The result is similar across Asia-Pacific. After advertising and product design changes, Acer has bounced to number one.”

In total PC sales, ASUS is being beaten as well, with HP in first and Dell, Acer, Toshiba and Apple filling up the remaining top positions.

Netbooks as a whole, however, showed a 398.4% year on year leap by Q2 2009.

Via ARNNet.

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