ASUS Fold/Unfold Isn’t A Netbook, Hits Market Later This Year

The Consumer Electronics Show whets the appetite of the tech industry once a year, when new experimental gadgets are announced daily for one long, busy week. While concept devices shown at CES go no further than that stage all too often, in some lucky cases we get to see them come to market.

The ASUS Fold/Unfold is a device of that type. While we thought it was a netbook back at CES 2009,  question isn’t up for debate anymore. The ASUS Fold/Unfold will cost between $1000 and $1500, placing it far beyond the netbook category.

However wallet-taxing it may be, the ASUS concept device still extremely cool. The Fold/Unfold features a ‘sliding keyboard’ to maximize space and air flow, meaning it ends up a lot smaller than expected when you pack it up. ASUS has announced that it wants to bring it to market around September or October this year.

Via Gizmodo.

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