ASUS Planned To Release Eee-book Reader

Netbooks aren’t the only devices becoming ever more nowadays. E-readers are growing in popularity as well. Amazon and Sony, among others, are significant players in this arena, with (respectively) the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader.

ASUS is planning on joining in on the action with an e-reader device of its own that’ll be marketed under the Eee brand, a brand that’s famous for introducing netbooks into the world.

Jerry Shen, the president of Asustek Computer, says that the earliest launch date for such an e-reader (the Eee-book Reader) will be sometime near the end of 2009.

Other companies, such as MSI, are also looking into producing e-reader devices, so if you’re interested in getting such a device in the future, you may soon have a plethora to pick from.

Via CNet.

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