ASUS Plans To Implement Nvidia ION In Future Netbooks

Video quality is a touchy subject for people with older netbooks, especially when it comes to HD. However, some serious advances have been made since the days of yore, with the Nvidia ION platform leading the way.

ASUS says it’s going to try to harness the power of the ION chip in new netbooks and nettops, including the Eee PC 1201N, EeeTop ET2002T, EeeBox EB1012, EeeBox 1501, and the AT3N7A-I mini-ITX mainboard. CEO Jerry Shen thinks this will make all the difference:

“Our new ION-powered Eee PCs will redefine netbook and nettop performance. They deliver an outstanding HD experience that isn’t possible with today’s basic integrated graphics.”

ION brings graphics support to XP, Vista, and Window 7 in up to 1080p resolution. It can also stream Flash Player 10.1 video, connect to external monitors, and accelerate a host of other apps using CUDA capability and more.

Via DailyTech.

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