ASUS Prepares to Release Two 3D Laptops

ASUS is designing two gaming laptops, the G51J3D (15.6 inches) and the G72GX (17.3 inches), both with full 3-dimensional capabilities.  While Acer has already released a 3D-capable laptop, the special polarized glasses necessary to see the 3D effects on the Acer model don’t work as well for multiple viewing angles.  The active-shutter glasses for the ASUS machines do, so if you buy the ASUS you can awe your friends with the cinematic-quality effects while playing the 3D-capable game of your choice (if you come up with extra pairs of glasses – only one pair ships with each system).

No word yet on prices, but the G51J3D will ship in December, and the G72GX will ship in Q2 2010.  Both computers will sport an Intel Core i7 processor and 4 GB of memory.

Via Geek

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