Atheros Combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi In One Netbook Card

You can add a lot to your netbook with an add-in card – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, etc. But netbooks have precious few card slots as it is, and if yours is already home to a wireless card, you’ll need to figure something out if you want to add in features like Bluetooth.

Atheros seeks to resolve this problem with its all new 802.11n/Bluetooth combo add-in card. The card fits the Half MiniCard form factor and features Atheros Align 11n 1-stream as well as ROCm Bluetooth technology.

What does this mean in non-techie language? You can use this card alone to get both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The card is supposedly quite efficient with netbooks’ battery life, even when running simultaneous wireless applications. Performance should not become an issue when running Wi-Fi via the card reader, says CNet:

“… a Netbook will be able to support concurrent audio and data transfer applications, such as playback on Bluetooth-enabled speakers of music stored on a laptop, while browsing the Internet and syncing a smartphone’s contact database from the same laptop.”

Sound good to me. Keep up the hard work, Atheros!

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