AT&T Brings Netbook 3G To Central Louisiana

AT&T today announced the availability of 3G mobile broadband in Alexandria and Pineville, cities in central Louisiana. The move is part of a program to get AT&T’s 3G to more places, and is clear evidence that AT&T is starting to get ticked off about these ads:

Credit: Verizon

Untouched by the cattiness of mobile broadband competition, Louisiana senator Joe McPherson was pleased by AT&T’s venture into his stomping grounds:

“Having access to the latest technology is important in today’s economy and I’m thrilled to see AT&T is bringing its 3G network to Alexandria and Pineville. I applaud their commitment to consumers in our area and their continued investment in Louisiana.”

AT&T Louisiana president William A. Oliver further explained what this will mean for AT&T customers.

“Demand for wireless bandwidth is growing, whether it’s for sharing video and photos with friends, watching a movie, checking the latest scores, or listening to music on a phone, netbook or other mobile devices on the go. With this expansion, our customers can continue to ride the leading edge of mobile broadband with emerging devices and thousands of mobile applications.”

Amen to that. A word of caution, Louisianans: do your research before choosing netbook mobile broadband, or you could get royally screwed.

Via CNNMoney.

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