AT&T Lowers iPhone Plan Price

AT&T has lowered the price of its unlimited voice and data plan for the iPhone. The plan used to cost $130 a month ($100 for unlimited voice and $30 for unlimited data) but now costs $100 for both. Family Talk now costs $180 for unlimited voice and data for two iPhones. Texting prices are still the same ($20 for unlimited and $30 for Family Talk).

The changes only affect unlimited voice and data plans, which now means that Nation 1350 with Rollover Minutes will be $10 more than unlimited voice and data for iPhone users will be paying.

AT&T lowered their prices in response to Verizon, who lowered the price of their unlimited talk and text plan this past Friday. Perhaps now since the plan costs less, even more people will buy iPhones, something that will benefit both AT&T and Apple.

Via Computerworld, image via AT&T.

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