AT&T Surprises Oklahoma Netbook User With $5000 Bill

If you distrust cell phone companies as much as I do you know that, at times, it can be excessively difficult to deal with your provider. However, most of us can say we’re luckier than one Oklahoma woman who, upon paying for her first monthly bill for the $100 RadioShack netbook plan, was charged over $5000 by AT&T for going over her 5 GB monthly data cap.From what we can tell, this woman’s plan works a lot like the $60/month two-year DataConnect plan also offered by AT&T Mobility. For every GB you go over the limit, you’re charged $480 and a pound of human flesh. From this we can divine that the poor Oklahoma went over her limit by at least nine or ten GB.Email sure won’t burn your data usage that hard, so we can only wonder at what she could have possibly used her netbook for. Even if her usage was blatantly out of line with what you’d expect out of a netbook, you have to wonder – why didn’t anybody step in and tell her what hole she was digging? As mentioned by the Consumerist, we still don’t know “why AT&T Mobility wouldn’t contact her as soon as she exceeded her 5GB limit, or disable access since she’s a new customer who might not understand the intricacies of overage billing.”The lawsuit’s specific language charges both AT&T and Radioshack with:Netbooking is getting bigger and the new lawsuits seem like they’re popping up even faster than sales of the machines. We can only wonder where this is going next.Via The Consumerist.

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