Authentec’s Bold New Netbook Security Solution

UPEK competitor Authentec is a provider of fingerprint solutions and security suites for mobile devices. They’re coming out with a new family of solutions this August 17th, and they’re hoping to offer netbook users something we’ve never seen before.

CEO Scott Moody explained how Authentec will approach the netbook market.

“This significant portfolio expansion gives us a complete offering for our customers — whether they’re designing new 6-inch netbooks all the way up to 18-inch multimedia notebooks…”

Their new setup uses Marcy, a tiny new sensor by Authentic, in combination with Authentec’s TrueSuite software. These have been optimized for use with the upcoming Windows 7 OS, including the Windows Biometric Framework.

Netbooks can be a security risk for consumers, as they’re easy to lose and could hold valuable information. Biometric fingerprint sensors have been used for ages amend these downsides to mobile devices. However, Authentec wants to take a new spin on the subject, at least according to communications director Brent Dietz:

“Personalization [is] a more important attribute in the consumer space than it is in the enterprise space… People treat a netbook like they would a cell phone or other personal item. They want to be able to quickly sort and separate their favorites from the rest of the information that’s out there. We can reduce the number of keystrokes and clicks to their favorites, while at the same time ensuring that only they have access to their personal information.”

With Authentec’s new system, each finger can be assigned to a different application – for example, or could load instantly with a swipe of your index or middle fingers. An LED light can also signify the arrival of mail in your inbox, and a swipe of your ring finger could sign you in and view that email in a second.

Overall, it’s nice to see something new from the netbook security category. We look forward to seeing this implemented in netbooks in the near future.

Via eWeek.

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