Avanquest Software and SED International to Expand Netbook and Laptop Sales Initiative

Avanquest Software and SED International, Inc. are teaming up to provide Avanquest Software Suite Premier bundles with select netbooks and laptops. The Software Suite Premier bundle includes more than dozen software programs, pre-packaged and put on a 4 GB USB drive. These software packages are distributed through more than 10,000 channels in the United States and Latin America.

According to Jeff Charnote, the Senior Product Manager at SED International, they’re “seeing strong consumer interest in new notebooks and netbooks this fall, especially with the release of Windows 7 last week. The 15 software titles supplied by Avanquest provide real value to the end consumer, which helps protect the margins of our channel partners. We saw this work earlier this fall when we included this bundle with netbooks on a limited basis through select channels, which is why we’re expanding this program to include all SED resellers.”

Roger Bloxberg, CEO of Avanquest North America, says, “The 15 titles we’ve assembled in our Avanquest Software Suite Premier bundle appeal to all demographic groups and buyer segments.” The Avanquest bundle includes: Think Free Office 3, Berlitz Fundamental Express, Encyclopedia Britannica’s Family Encyclopedia, Winway Resume Essentials, MyCheckcook, Greeting Card Factory Express 7, Cook’n Recipe Organizer, Brain Fitness, Crossword Puzzle Addict, Sudoku Puzzle Addict, Send Photos 5, Casino Poker, Casino Blackjack, AutoSave Essentials, and Fix-It Utilities Essentials.

Via PRCanadaNet.

Images via Avanquest and Dealerscope.

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