Averatec To Enter Netbook Market This Year

Averatec is intending to enter the netbook industry in the near future, capitalizing on the successes netbooks have achieved in the midst of a plummeting PC market that shows little hopes of improving soon.The company is known for its cheap ultraportables, and according to CEO Tae-Hyun Cho these abilities will help Averatec with netbooks.Gartner expects netbooks to be the only growing PC category this year, and Averatec’s entrance will make good use of this growth. Its plan is to put a next-gen netbook on the market by the second half of 2009, and earn consumers by improving the design and performance over current models. Of course, they also hope to do this while keeping their machines cheap.It’s a tall order, and only time will determine Averatec’s success. If netbooks don’t work out for the company, it won’t feel it too hard – they’re also planning to deliver a new set of notebooks in 2009.Via Twice.

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