Battery Makers To Ride Out Recession On Netbook Success

The economy is hurting just about everyone lately, unless they sell netbooks. Battery makers, interestingly enough, are intending to ride out the year on the massive sales on the successes of the netbook sector.

The Topology Research Institute and Consumer Electronics Association both announced similar numbers, saying notebooks – a category that includes netbooks – would see massive growth this year – 17.9% up to 32.6%,. The researchers think worldwide shipments of 1.5 billion and 1.28 billion units respectively, with netbooks ranking in 32 million.

These recent announcements are similar to recent projections by ABI and the IDC, both of which expect massive netbook sales in the near future.

However, according to battery makers, “first-quarter notebook shipments could drop by between 10 percent and 20 percent as vendors clear out inventory”.

Raymond Sung of Simplo thinks February until the middle of March are a crucial period, one in which manufacturers will be able to tell what buyers’ reactions to netbook new netbook launches will be. If things are good, the 5-10% increase in notebook and netbook growth would be a huge help to battery makers like Simplo.

Other companies intending to ride the wave are DynaPack and Celxpert, who intend to “focus on supplying to netbook vendors to boost sales this year.”

Steadily growing orders from HP and ASUStek, both of whom are leaders in the netbook world, will bring up Celxpert’s sales by a massive 20-30% this year.

MSI, the creator of the massively successful Wind netbooks, has recently rolled in big revenues from its netbook battery business.

Via the Taipei Times.

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