Boost Netbook Storage Space With Fun USB Drives

Some people complain that netbooks don’t have enough storage space, and in many cases, consumers that purchase netbooks also rely on external USB drives for extra storage. Here are two unique USB flash drives that are not only fun, but also help out a good cause – the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Check them out!

Back in June, Active Media released the WWF Penguin USB drive, which it claims is free of lead and mercury. The bodies of these penguins are made of PVC-free non-toxic silicone. The USBs come in either 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB capacities and are priced between $12.95 and $42.95 each.

For every purchase, 5% of the sale goes to the WWF and no matter how many penguin USB drives Active Media sells, the company is still planning on donating at least $25,000 to the cause.

For more photos of these penguin USB flash drives, click here.

Currently, since there have been rumors that penguins may not be with all consumers, Active Media has come out with polar bear flash drives. In addition to the capacities that the penguin USBs are available in, the polar bear USBs will also be available in 1 GB. Pricing for the 1 GB flash drive will be $9.95.

Active Media has tried its best to create a replica of an actual polar bear. The flash drive itself is made of rubber, but it also has a hair-y texture, aiming to replicate the fur on an actual polar bear. The polar bear USB is supposedly a 40:1 model.

Per unit donations to the World Wildlife Fund for the polar bear USB drive will be the same as those for the penguin USB drive – 5%.

For more photos of Active Media’s polar bear USB flash drives, click here.

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